Don't Know What Gas Cylinder I Need - Heavy Duty


Heavy Duty Universal Chair Lift Cylinder Pneumatic Shock

This is a HEAVY-DUTY gas piston for larger users. Are you a big person and need a heavier duty gas lift for your office chair? Our universal chair shock has a larger weight capacity to accommodate most any person.

Our heavy-duty gas shock will fit most office chairs. If you don't know which company manufactured your chair, or if it's a no-name brand chair, chances are this cylinder will work. If it doesn't fit, we offer a full refund. The only cost to you is the price to mail it back!!

If you bought your chair at an office supply superstore like Staples or Office Max, it's very likely this universal gas cylinder replacement will work. Works as a replacement chair lift on most models of the following brands: Global, Lane, Serta, Humanscale, Novimex, Realspace, Broyhill, Lazyboy Lazy Boy, Sealy, Globe, SC Turnstone, Vogel Peterson, Office Star Chair, Suspa, Pottery Barn, Kimball, Chairworks office chairs, Workpro chair and more!

Please note: our telescoping lift cover will fit over this gas cylinder, click here for more information....

  • Warrantied for 2 years
  • Comes with an outer cylinder and an inner shaft.  Outer black cylinder can be removed
  • Universal chair piston is 2" in diameter
  • Black column is approximately 9" long
  • Shaft has a 1" diameter

This cylinder can be used with or without the black column included.  Please see video below for instructions on removing the retaining clip to use the inner cylinder only.

How to remove black outer column to utilize inner cylinder and bearing assembly:




Please email us for Volume Discounts.


To remove most gas shocks, you need a rubber mallet with a wood buffer to bang out the 5 star base from the bottom. To remove the shaft from the mechanism under the seat, use a pipe wrench with a "twist and pull" motion. For a stubborn cylinder shaft in the mechanism, you can try applying a little lubricant.



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