Are file bars sold in pairs?

No. They are sold individually. Some customers may have one existing bar, but may need three more.

I just installed my new Aeron gas cylinder, but the seat keeps going up, down by itself. How do I fix it?
The set screw is over-engaging the activation button and needs to be loosened. Please go to 1:58 of the video in this link to remove the plastic cover. Once removed, go to 2:45 of the video to loosen the set screw.
What if the seat doesn't move up or down when I pull the height adjustment lever?
The set screw is not engaging the activation button on the gas cylinder and needs to be tightened. Please go to 1:55 of the video in this link.
What size Aeron chair do I have?
Aeron chairs come in three sizes- A, B, and C.  Size A is the smallest, and size C is the largest.  You can determine the size of your chair by feeling underneath the plastic rim of the top of the chairback.  You will feel a bump or a dot. There will be ONE dot for A, TWO dots for B, and THREE dots for C. 
What size Aeron chair do I have?
Another method is to turn your chair over and looking at the production tag. There will be a model number like this: AE...W_............  In this example, the letter that appears after the "W" is your chair size.
Will a universal cylinder work for my Steelcase chair?
The universal cylinder will NOT work on a Steelcase chair. Have a look at the production label on the chair. There should be a model number that looks like this: 4535331DP5F16. The first three numbers indicate which model Steelcase chair you have.
What quantity qualifies me for a volume discount?
It depends which parts you need and how many are needed. Certain parts have better price breaks than others. Please contact us and specify 1) Which parts you need. 2) the quantity  needed. 3) Your shipping zip code.
I'm not sure which part I need.
Please send us a picture at info@www.zqqhy.com and describe the issue.
Why is my credit card being declined?
The most common cause is an incorrect billing address entered that is not associated with the credit card.  The security system locks out multiple attempts at purchase from the same email address thinking it's a fraudulent attack. Please wait 20 minutes and enter the correct billing address and double check the security code on the card then try again. 
Do you ship to different countries?
Yes, we ship to several different countries including Canada, UK, Australia, Japan and more! Just contact us for a shipping quote. Please provide your complete address with the part and quantity you need. Bank wire payment may be required for some countries.
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