Gas Cylinder Replacement for Aeron Chair NON OEM


Aeron Chair Lift Replacement NON OEM

This is a gas lift for Aeron chairs made by Herman Miller.  Our gas cylinder replacements for Aeron Chairs are newly manufactured. Our single stage replacement gas cylinders are made to the same specifications as the originals like the Herman Miller Aeron chair and are in stock for quick ship. Our cylinders will work to replace both the single and dual stage cylinders of the Herman Miller Aeron chair. All of our gas cylinders are covered by a two year warranty. Our Aeron chair shocks are available in standard or heavy duty for Plus sized individuals.  Simply select your preference from the drop down above, or you may view specs for the heavy duty by clicking here.  These Herman Miller Aeron replacement gas cylinders will NOT fit Aeron chairs made after 2012.

  • 2-year warranty
  • Can be ordered in standard or heavy duty
  • Will not work on Aeron chairs made after 2012
  • In stock and ready to ship

Click here to watch a helpful installation video...


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To remove most gas cylinders you need a rubber mallet with a wood buffer to bang out the 5 star base from the bottom. To remove the shaft from the mechanism under the seat, use a pipe wrench with a "twist and pull" motion. For a stubborn cylinder shaft in the mechanism, you can try applying a little lubricant. 

We obtain and resell parts from authorized Herman Miller suppliers and sources. We are not Herman Miller, Inc. and it is not our intention to represent ourselves as Herman Miller, Inc.

ORP111Aeron-Heavy Duty



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